Who We Are

The Esthetician Summit is a unique esthetic only educational summit dedicated to esthetic education. We provide opportunities to network with esthetic brands and experience training in real-time. The summit offers the entire esthetic industry an opportunity to come together, make new relationships, and foster collaboration.

Unlike trade shows where you're just one person in a group of thousands, being solicited by product brands, the Esthetician Summit provides an intimate setting that is focused on learning and education. Raw and uncut, speakers share with you their knowledge and experience to support you in your business.

Brand partners will have ongoing workshops at their booth or in the classrooms. You get the opportunity to watch live demos and ask questions to hone your craft. Whether you're interested in waxing, sugaring, or growing your retail space, the Esthetician Summit has the brand partners to help you achieve your goals.


  • Expert Knowledge From The Best
  • New Techniques
  • Refine Your Business Approach
  • Unique Brands
  • Upping Your Retail Game
  • Inspiration For Motivation
  • Elevate Client Experience
  • Foster Your Influence
  • Establish True Self-Confidence
  • Cutting Edge Technology

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